Manual Choke Carburetor PZ20

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  • Detail: PZ20 Manual Choke Carburetor
  • Specification: PZ20
  • Fitment: B1(BOULDERB1),ROCK 110, D125(ATA125D), G125(CHEETAH), T125(TFORCE),

Known to fit Coolster 210, 213A, 214FC and 214S dirt bikes. Coolster 3050B, 3050C, 3050D, 3125B, 3125C, 3125R, 3125X8, 3125XR8 and3125XR8-S atvs and GK6125A go-karts.

Known to fit Tao Tao ATA110B, ATA110B1, ATA110B3, ATA110D, ATA110D1, ATA110F, ATA110F1, ATA110H, ATA110L, ATA110L1, ATA125A, ATA125A1, ATA125D, ATA125F1, ATA125G, ATA125H, ATA135DU, Apache 110 Big Wheel, BoulderB1, Cheetah, TForce and Tonga 110 Big Wheel.

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